Principal Investigator – Prof. D. Grant Allen





Research Assistant –Sofia Bonilla

Sofia Bonilla is a Research Assistant in the lab. She is responsible for the laboratory management and her primary research project is the utilization of novel enzymes to enhance biosolids dewatering and the recovery of value-added products.

Post-Doctoral Researcher -Sonam Mahajan

Sonam Mahajan is a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the lab. Her primary research interests include characterizing the microbiological complexity of biofilms grown on treated wastewater through molecular methods.





 Ivy Minqing Yang is a PhD candidate, co-supervised by Profs. Grant Allen and Elizabeth Edwards. She is studying the causes of degranulation in  anaerobic treatment of pulp mill effluents. Detailed objectives of her project include investigation of the correlation between the granule physical and microbial properties, identification of the problematic compounds and streams, and enhancement of granulation.
Yaldah Azimi - PhD CandidateYaldah Azimi is a PhD candidate under the co-supervision of Profs. Grant Allen and Ramin Farnood. Her project focuses on the UV disinfection of activated sludge flocs.
Alexandru Dumitrache is a PhD candidate co-supervised by Profs. Grant Allen, Gideon Wolfaardt, Elizabeth Edwards and Emma Master. His project aims at characterizing biofilms of cellulolytic organisms which posses the desired functions of substrate utilization and product formation that are important towards advancing the “consolidated bioprocessing” technology. His work provides a fresh insight into the cellulolytic bacterium association with cellulose and demonstrate the utility of flow cell technology coupled with time-lapse fluorescence imaging and and real-time carbon dioxide tracing in studying anaerobic cellulolytic biofilms and consortia.

Peter Schnurr is a MASc candidate. His current research focuses on developing a system for the growth of thick biofilms with high lipid contents.  He intends to do this by using secondarily treated municipal wastewater and a consortium of microbes which exist in the wastewater with innoculations of two specific diatoms.
Scott Genin is a MASc candidate. He is designing biofilm based photo bioreactors for the purpose of maximizing production of algae.
Parthiv Amin is a MASc candidate. His research focuses on the examination of Pulp & Paper sludge dewatering and how it might be improved while simultaneously improving energy recovery and sludge combustion characteristics.


Azadeh Namazi: Azadeh Namazi is a PhD candidate, co-supervised by Profs. Grant Allen and Charles Jia. Her project involves on the production of activated carbon from pulp mill biosolids and its application in bioactive compound removal.


Elena Brei

Nalina Nadarajah, Professor, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, Centennial College

Flor Yunuen Garcia Becerra, Consultant, CH2M Hill

Tyler Irving, Writer, The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC)

Alex Hayes, Research Associate, National Research Council (NRC)

Candida D’Costa

Chris Goode, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Environment

Yunan Zhou, Environmental Engineer, China

Yi Zhang, Scientist, Impact & Risk Assessment, Health Canada

Yuefeng Zhang, Environmental Engineer, Earth Tech

Ivan Zhu, Engineer, RTW Professional Engineers and Scientists