Available Positions

Are you interested in joining our group?  Please browse the available positions below. Should you be interested in joining, please email us your CV and cover letter.  Students interested in joining our group for graduate studies should submit their complete application package to either the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry or the Department of Materials Science & Engineering.

Position(s) for Post-docs and Research Associates
Please send your CV and cover letter to Professor Azimi at g.azimi@utoronto.ca.

Position(s) for Graduate Students
We are currently accepting applications for graduate studies for Fall 2018 in the field of recycling and extraction of strategic materials, batteries, and materials design.  We accept students from the Departments of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering.

Position(s) for Undergraduate Students
We are not accepting applications from undergraduate students.

Position(s) for Summer Students
No positions available at this time.

We are always looking for bright and hardworking students and researchers for our group.  To apply, please send us your request along with your CV via email to g.azimi@utoronto.ca.
Please use the exact subject line “LSM Applicant” in your email, in order to receive confirmation of the receipt of your application. Thank you!