CHE220H1 F:  Applied Chemistry I – Inorganic Chemistry
The Chemistry and physical properties of inorganic compounds are discussed in terms of atomic structure and molecular orbital treatment of bonding. Topics include acid-base and donor-acceptor chemistry, crystalline solid state, chemistry of main group elements and an introduction to coordination chemistry. Emphasis is placed on second row and transition metal elements.

MSE217H1 S:  Diffusion and Kinetics

The diffusion mechanisms in solids, liquids and gases are reviewed. The effects of imperfections in solids on diffusion rates are discussed. Topics include diffusion coefficient, Fick’s law, steady state and unsteady state diffusion. The course covers factors affecting the rate at which chemical reactions take place. The effects that temperature, concentration, pressure and catalysts have on reaction rates are discussed. Topics such as homogeneous versus heterogeneous reactions, order or reaction, and activation energy are also covered.

APS104H1 S:  Introduction to Materials and Chemistry
This is an introductory course in materials science and physical chemistry. Topics include: fundamentals of atomic, structure, the nature of bonding, crystal structure and defects, the laws of chemical thermodynamics (including a discussion of enthalpy and entropy), reaction equilibrium, and phase equilibria. These basic principles provide the foundation for an exploration of structure-property relationships in metals, ceramics, and polymers, with emphasis on mechanical properties.