Lab Facilities

  • Constant Extension Rate Tester (The C.E.R.T System)

This apparatus, supplied by Cortest Inc., permits testing to simulate conditions for the study of stress corrosion cracking using both mechanical and electrochemical corrosion testing techniques.

  • Autoclave systems

The equipment, supplied by Cortest Inc. for performing tests at high temperatures and pressures, includes 2 pressure vessels (½ L and 2 L) made of Inconel capable of operating at temperatures and pressures up to 400ºC and 3000 psi, respectively.

  • Furnace

  • Potentiostats

Electrochemical tests are performed using different kinds of devices

    • GAMRY-Reference 600
    • GAMRY-Femtostat
    • GAMRY-Rotating disc electrode
    • PARSTAT 2263
      • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

      • Hydrogen Sensor