Principal Investigator

Christopher Lawson | Assistant Professor
Dr. Lawson’s research focuses on harnessing the metabolic processes of anaerobic microbiomes for sustainable wastewater treatment and the production of renewable bioenergy and bioproducts from waste resources.

Post Doctoral Fellows

Byung-Chul (Roy) Kim
Dr. Kim aims to industrialize resource recovery technologies to develop a sustainable carbon cycle by studying the link between macroscopic bioreactor systems and microscopic biological systems.

Graduate Students

Ethan Agena | M.A.Sc. Student
Ethan’s research revolves around engineering microbes and microbial communities to produce valuable compounds from waste streams.

Ian Gois | Ph.D. Student
Ian works on engineering non-model anaerobic bacteria to improve medium-chain fatty acids production.

Joel Howard | Ph.D. Student
Joel’s research focuses on the data-driven design of synthetic microbiomes that convert lignocellulosic biomass into medium chain fatty acids.

Mara Jezernik | M.A.Sc. Student
Mara’s research aims to engineer microbial co-cultures to produce medium chain fatty acids from carbon dioxide, in a bioelectrochemical system.

Joy Lu | M.A.Sc. Student

Jasmeen Parmar | M.A.Sc. Student

Shane Orgnero | Ph.D. Student


Hedieh Hashemi | B.Sc. 2022

Joelle Weir


Isaac Wise-Kalant – Undergraduate Internship Summer 2022