Photo Gallery

This is a small introduction to the photo gallery you are about to sample. Years ago my good friend, colleague and close collaborator – Dr. Alexander (Sasha) Yakunin ( received a gift of several silly looking wool hats meant to protect his main asset – his brain – from overheating in a Russian-style sauna. Knowing my affection for this wintertime “sport” activity, Sasha was kind enough to share his gift with me.

Since brain-overheating is one of most dangerous work-related hazards in our job, we decided that it is only appropriate to keep the hats handy in the office and let visiting guests and lab members to try them on. The results of this ongoing tradition are in front of you.

Aiping Dong

Al Edwards & Charles Brenner

Aled Edwards

Alexander Yakunin, Helene Deveau, Alexei Savchenko, Dennis Romero, Philippe Horvath

Alexei Murzin & Antonina Andreeva

Andrei Osterman

Andrei Osterman

Arnis Kuksis

Bob Hancock & Paul Santerre

Bogi Nocek

David Zechel

Dennis Romero, Helene Deveau, Philippe Horvath

Dennis Cvitkovich

Dinesh Christendat

Michael Galperin

Eugene Koonin

Frank Collart

James Watson

Jeff Reinking

John Gerlt & Aled Edwards

John Rohde

Kiyohiko Igarashi & Emma Master

Marie-Claude Jobin, Richard Ellen, Alexei Savchenko

Mike Proudfoot & James Watson

Patrick Hallenbeck

Peter Golyshin & Michail Yakimov

Sylvain Moineau, Josiane Garneau, Alexei Savchenko

Thomas Waldmann

Wayne Anderson, Aled Edwards, Alexei Savchenko, Elisabetta Sabini

Wladek Minor