News & Events

October 2020

APEC members attended the Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2020) online and presented. COM 2020 was moved online due to global pandemic. We took on the challenge gracefully; well done!

May 2019

George Kolliopoulos, Jeffrey Martin and Professor Vladimiros G. Papangelakis attended the North American Membrane Society Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

March 2019

Congratulations to Jeffrey Martin for winning the ChemE Exhibition Poster Award in the Environmental Category on March 29th!

August 2015

The 54th Annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM2015) was held on August 23-26 in Toronto, ON. At the conference, Dr. Georgiana Moldoveanu presented a talk entitled “Gypsum-Anyhdrite Conversion as Possible Means to Control Scale and Decrease Calcium Levels in Hydrometallurgical Processes”, Srinath Garg presented a talk entitled “Bioleaching of Pyrrhotite Tailings for Ni Extraction – Insights Into An Adaptive Evolution Study”, and Douglass Duffy presented a talk entitled “Mineralogical Characterization of Sudybury Pyrrhotite Tailings: Evaluating the Bioleaching Potential”. Also, Kurtis Judd presented his poster in the graduate student category.

June 2014

– 7th international symposium on hydrometallurgy 2014 was held on June 23-25, 2014 in Victoria, BC. At the conference, Dr. Georgiana Moldoveanu presented a talk entitled “Investigation into Oxidative Dissolution of Enargite with Chloride Dioxide”Also, 5 members of the APEC group presented their posters in the graduate student category.

– Congratulations to  Douglass Duffy (PhD student) and Nazanin Samadifard (Master,s student) on winning the best poster awards in 7th international hydrometallurgy symposium held in Victoria, BC.

Jan 2014

– Congratulations to Wendy Zhou who has successfully defended her Master’s thesis.

– Kurtis Judd joined the APEC group as a Master’s student.

Feb 2014

Dr. Cheryl Washer joined the APEC group as a postdoctoral fellow.

Nov 2013

Simon Abendschein  joined the APEC group as an international visiting graduate student, working on Rare Earth project.

Sep 2013

– Congratulations to Michael Carlos who has successfully defended his Master’s thesis. – Frank Cheuk and George Kolliopoulos joined the APEC group as Master’s students. – Congratulations to Raphael Soldi on receiving Hydrometallurgy Undergraduate Scholarship.

Aug 2013

– Congratulations to Eric Shum (summer student) on winning the best presentation in the UnERD Conference held in University of Toronto. – For second consecutive year Prof. Papangelakis received Best Paper Award in TAPPI PEERS Conference (with Prof. H. Tran and T. Zekir).

July 2013

Congratulations to Anirudha Dani who has successfully defended his Master’s thesis.

May 2013

– Eric Shum and Petro Forastieri joined the APEC group as summer students.

– Dr. Papangelakis received a CIM Fellowship Award.

May 2013

Congratulations to Douglass Duffy who has successfully defended his Master’s thesis.

January 2013

Nazanin Samadifard joined the APEC group as a Master’s student.

September 2012

Steven Palmer joined the APEC group as a Master’s student.

September 2011

Wendy Zhou joined the APEC group as a Master’s student.

May 2011

Raphael Soldi-Giribaldi joined our group as a summer student.

April 2011

The 2011 OLI MSE Regression Workshop was attended by Tasnuva Zakir, Michael Carlos and Doug Duffy.  This consisted of a two-day training course at OLI Systems Inc.’s office in Morris Plains, NJ, USA. The course covered the use of OLI’s ESP software to perform thermodynamic data regression on new experimental data.  This allows the addition to or improvement upon the database used by OLI’s Analyzer software to model new chemical systems.

August 2009

The Nickel and Cobalt 2009 Conference of the Metallurgical Society of Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) was held August 23 to 26, 2009 in Sudbury.  At the conference, Ilya Perederiy presented a talk entitled “Pressure Oxidative Leaching of Slags from Nickel Smelters: An Update” and Ramanpal Saini gave a presentation entitled “On-Line Acid Measurements Via Electrodeless Conductivity in HPAL Processes for Nickel/Cobalt Extraction.” Also, two members of the APEC group received awards for their hard work. Ghazal Azimi received the 2009 Gordon M. Ritcey Award. This award recognizes graduate students in the field of Hydrometallurgy for outstanding performance and is accompanied with a $3,000 cash prize. Kevin McLean was awarded the Best Poster Award in the Graduate Student category. The poster entitled “Application of Molten Salt Hydrates to Laterite Nickel Ore Leaching and HCl Recovery” was co-authored by Jan de Bakker, a PhD student from Queen’s University. Click here for pictures from the conference.

May 2009

Georgiana Moldoveanu joined the APEC group as a postdoctoral fellow.

September 2008

Congratulations to Matthew Jones, who has successfully defended his Master’s thesis. Kevin McLean joined the APEC group as a Master’s student.

August 2008

Congratulations to Ghazal Azimi on getting an OGS scholarship.

July 2008

BBQ at the Professor’s house.  Click here for pictures.

May 2008

Congratulations to Ghazal Azimi on winning a Teaching Excellence Award.

September 2007

Sammy Peters and Ramanpal Saini (Canada) joined the APEC group as Master’s students.

April 2007

Congratulations to Dr. Ming Huang (AECL) on the successful defense of his PhD thesis.

March 2007

Congratulations to Professor Papangelakis, who became the first recipient of the Professor Diran Basmadjian Teacher of the Year award.

October-November 2006

Five member of APEC group including their professor set foot on Montreal streets to attend a conference on Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy which was held at “Le Centre Sheraton”… [click for details]

September 2006

Matthew Jones (Canada) joined APEC group as a Master’s student.

June 2006

Two students from Eng-Sci (Brian Skinner and Lawrence Byerley) joined our group for the summer.

September 2005

The group has received three new graduate students: Ilya Perederiy (Russia), Sam Roshdi (Iran), Ghazal Azimi (Iran). Ghursaran Singh (now with Bantrel) and Mike Reid (now with CVRD-INCO) obtained their Master’s degrees and left the group

October 2004

Professor Papangelakis chaired the “Pressure Hydrometallurgy – 2004” conference and recieved the Sherritt Award. Several students attended the conference… [click for details]

August 2004

Olypmic games In Situ. Professor V. G. Papangelakis served as a volunteer at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games… [click for details]