Past Projects

Design of a continuous freeze concentration unit to recover water from industrial effluents

Chenbo (Sophie) Xu, MASc (2020)

Ferric Leaching of Pyrrhotite Under Controlled pH and ORP Conditions

Dazhi Ren, MASc (2020)

Improved modeling of the membrane process in forward osmosis

Jeffrey Martin, MASc (2019)

Hybrid forward osmosis-freeze concentration (FO-FC) process design (experimental and modeling)

Georgios Kolliopoulos, PhD (2019)

Redox potential measurements of aqueous systems at high temperature and pressure

Igor Guzman, PhD (2018)

Investigating the bioleaching kinetics of pyrrhotite concentrate using indigenous microbial cultures

Srinath Garg, PhD (2017)

Recovery of rare earth ions adsorbed on clay minerals

Georgiana Moldoveanu, Research Associate

Purification and recycle of industrial water via forward osmosis

George Kolliopoulos, Post Doctoral Fellow

Recovery of water from effluent streams by freezing technology

Eric Shum, MASc (2017)

Investigation on the thermodynamics and kinetics of precipitation of rare earth elements from the leachate of ion adsorption clays

Frank Cheuk

Acidic Ferric Sulphate Leaching of Pyrrhotite Tailings at 55-80 °C and at Constant Redox Potential

Kurtis Judd, MASc (2016)

Management/control of calcium sulphate scale deposition in the heater train during pressure acid leach of laterite ores

Georgiana Moldoveanu, Research Associate

Prevention of acid formation during bioleaching of pyrrhotite

Nazanin Samadifard, MASc (2015)

Dissolving Ni from an ultramafic low-grade nickel sulphide deposit by minimizing co-dissolution of gangue elements

Wendy Han Zhou, MASc (2014)

Modeling of iron and magnesium chloride solutions using OLI Systems®

Michael Carlos, MASc (2013)

Saprolite Leaching and Iron Control in Concentrated Magnesium Chloride Brines

Douglass Duffy, MASc (2013)

Alkaline Pressure Oxidation of Pyrite

Anirudha Dani, MASc (2013)

Scale Formation in Green Liquor Systems of the Kraft Process

Tasnuva Zakir, MASc (2011)

Recovery of Base Metals from Slags by High Pressure Oxidative Leaching

Ilya Perederiy, PhD (2011)

Chemical Modeling of Ammonia Solutions in Ni/Co Hydrometallurgy

Sam Roshdi, MASc (2011)

Direct (in-situ) pH Measurement at High Temperature and Pressure in Hydrometallurgical Processes

Zoran Jankovic, PhD (2010)

Evaluating the Potential of Scaling due to Calcium Compounds in Hydrometallurgical Processes

Ghazal Azimi, PhD (2010)

Alkaline Pressure Oxidation of Refractory Gold Ores

Samuel Peters, MASc (2010)

 Monitoring Free Acid in Hydromellurgical Solutions with an Electrodeless Conductivity Sensor

Ramanpal Saini, MASc (2009)

 Study of Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Systems

Irina Bylina, Post-Doc (2005-2008)

 Magnesium Solubility in Mixed Electrolytes

Matthew Jones, MASc (2008)

Recovery of Base Metals from Slags by High Pressure Oxidative Leaching

Morteza Baghalha and Yunjiao Li, Post-Docs (1999-2001 and 2005-2006)

Electrical Conductivity and Acidity of High Temperature Aqueous Sulphate Solutions

Ming Huang, PhD (2007)

Hematite Solubility in H2SO4 from 130-170 ºC and 230-270 ºC

Michael Reid, MASc (2005)

From Low Grade Iimonite to TiO2 Using Hydrometallurgy: Kinetic Study on Leaching of Iimonite in HCl/H2SO4

Gursaran Singh, MASc (2005)

 Ferric Scale Characterization and Dissolution during Sulphuric Acid Leaching of Limonitic Laterites

Dimitrios Kambossos, MASc (2005)

 Modelling of the Nickel and Cobalt Kinetics During Pressure Acid Leaching of Laterites Using Aspen Plus 11.1 and OLI

Miranda Cheung, MASc (2004)

Gypsum Scale Abatement in Continuous Hydrometallurgical Reactors

Jeffrey Adams, PhD (2004)

Development of Novel Experimental Techniques for Pressure Oxidation of Nickel Sulphide Ore

James Brown, MASc (2004)

High Temperature Thermodynamic Modelling of Autoclave Laterite Leaching Systems

Jesus Casas and Haixia Liu, Visiting Professor and Research Associate

Solubility of Hydronium Alunite under Direct Sulphuric Acid Pressure Leaching Conditions

Zhu Xuetang, MASc (2002)

Thermodynamics of Aqueous Solutions at High Temperatures

Morteza Baghalha, PhD (1999)

Modelling and Optimization of Limonite Leaching in Continuous Autoclaves

Neural Net Modelling of Aqueous Metallurgical Processes

Development of the Electrochemical Kinetics Models for Gold Ore Cyanidation

Mathematical Modelling of the Pressure Oxidation Process of Refractory Gold-Bearing Ores and Concentrates

Dmitri Rubisov, Post-Doc (1993-1998) and Research Associate (1998-1999)

Scale Formation and Prevention during Sulphuric Acid Leaching of Limonitic Laterites

Panagiotis Perdikis, MASc (1996)

Population Balance Modelling of a Particulate Dissolution-Precipitation Reaction Sequence: Hydronium Alunite Synthesis

Xiao Hong Ye, MASc (1995)

Kinetics of Nickel Dissolution during Sulphuric Acid Leaching of Laterites

Dimitrios Georgiou, MASc (1995)

Kinetic Study of Gold Ore Cyanidation

Peimeng Ling, MASc (1994)

Synthesis and Solubility of Hydronium Alunite under Direct Sulphuric Acid Pressure Leaching Conditions

Brian Blakey, MASc (1994)