Current Projects

Redox Potential Measurements of Aqueous Systems at High Temperature and Pressure

Igor Guzman, PhD student

 Development of a continuous reactor system for Ni bioleaching 

Douglass Duffy, PhD student

 Investigating the bioleaching kinetics of pyrrhotite concentrate using indigenous microbial cultures

Srinath Garg, PhD student

Recovery of rare earth ions adsorbed on clay minerals

Georgiana Moldoveanu, Postdoctoral Fellow

Purification and recycle of industrial water via forward osmosis

George Kolliopoulos, PhD student

Investigation on the thermodynamics and kinetics of precipitation of rare earth elements from the leachate of ion adsorption clays

Frank Cheuk, MASc student

Ferric ion leaching of pyrrhotite tailings at 60-70 °C

Kurtis Judd, MASc student

Recovery of water from effluent streams by freezing technology

Eric Shum, MASc student