Current Projects

Rare earth sulphate solubility in H2O and H2SO4

Georgiana Moldoveanu, Research Associate;

Georgios Kolliopoulos, Post Doctoral Fellow

Effluent desalination via hybrid forward osmosis-freeze concentration (FO-FC) process

Georgios Kolliopoulos, Post Doctoral Fellow

Investigating the recovery of rare earth elements through biosorption onto algal biofilms grown using the waveguide photobioreactor

Mitchell Zak, PhD student

A redox potential (Eh/ORP) sensor for the pressure oxidation (POX) leaching of refractory gold ore

Legeng (Robin) Yu, PhD student

Design of a continuous freeze concentration unit to recover water from industrial effluents

Chenbo (Sophie) Xu, MASc student

Ferric Leaching of Pyrrhotite Under Controlled pH and ORP Conditions

Dazhi Ren, MASc student