Our research is to provide molecular solutions and develop catalytic conversion technology for addressing the challenges in the fields of environment, health, medicine, and energy. We adopt a multidisciplinary strategy that integrates materials synthesis, spectroscopy, electronic structure theory, and kinetic and isotopic assessments, to deepen the fundamental understanding of physical and chemical events at molecular scale during chemical transformations. As part of our rigorous efforts in establishing structure and kinetic property correlations, we synthesize novel catalytic materials with well-defined atomic connectivity and compositions and then probe their structures and kinetic consequences.


September 2017:
Visiting scholar Rui Yao and fourth year thesis student Lilly Yu begin working in the lab.

May 2017:
Summer students Julia, Jose, and Rudan compete at the Undergraduate Engineering Research Day 2017!
May 2017:
Summer students Julia, Jose, and Rudan arrive in the lab.