Newport Xe-arc lamp (350-1000 W) Solar Simulator

  • Provides illumination approximating natural sunlight for a controllable indoor testing of photocatalysts under laboratory conditions.
  • Comes with built-in ignitor and collimating lens for uniform illumination.
  • Additional accessories include- full wave reflector (for top-down illumination), bandpass filters (420, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, and 700 nm), and liquid cutoff filters.

Kessil LED lamps, cooling rig and PR controller

  • Optimized for photochemistry and other applications in biomedicine, material science, UV curing etc.
  • Four lamps with precisely 427 nm emission wavelength and 4 levels of intensity control that allows to study the functional relationship between intensity and yield.
  • PR controller allows to setup automated photoreactions (with varying light intensity and duration, to pre-set start & end time). 


  • We possess several custom-made and commercial photoreactors for bench-scale, batch photocatalytic reactions.
  • (A) Front-illuminated glass photoreactor with quartz window (150 mL).
  • (B) Top-illuminated jacketed glass photoreactor with quartz window (100 mL).
  • (C) Top-illuminated jacketed blackbody photoreactor with quartz window (100 mL), couples to a full-wave reflector.
  • (D) High-pressure autoclave photoreactor (Parr Instruments Inc.), max.100 mL.

Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Oven

  • Programmable hot-air oven with broad temperature range of up to 330 oC. Suitable for drying and using with hydrothermal autoclaves.

HACH Digester and Portable Spectrophotometer

  • The DRB200 thermostat and the DR2700 spectrophotometer works with Hach reagents for rapid COD, TOC, and other water quality measurements (see more testing capabilities here). 

Metrohm Autotitrator

  • Accommodates various potentiometric titrations including water chemistry (hardness), food chemistry (acid content), and can be adopted for KF titrations too.