12/2015: Right on time Christmas presents for the lab (Successful Thesis Defences for Megha Patel and Shen Guo). Congratulations to Shen and Megha.

11/2015: LMSE Alumni on Linked in. Linked in group for LMSE Alumni started.

09/2015: Lab welcomes Kaushik Venkatesan (who won a Connaught International Student Scholarship) and Shawn Lu, two new PhD students.

08/2015: Congrats to Shyam and Masood for poster presentations at the FOSBE conference in Boston.

07/2015: Lab research on engineering plastics in E. coli  featured in Motherboard Vice magazine (see Link)

09/2014: Prof. Mahadevan is back from his sabbatical as a Humboldt Fellow in Germany.

08/2014: Pratish defends his PhD thesis. Nadeera’s paper is accepted to Biotechnology Journal. Welcome to Christian Euler who joined the lab as a PhD student.

07/2014: Dr. Jeong Chan Joo presented his enzyme work at Gordon Conference and Naveen presented his genetic circuit work at SEED conference in San Diego.

06/2014: Dr. Mahadevan presents his work on cut sets in the Metabolic Engineering Conference in Vancouver.

05/2014: Fahimeh defends her PhD thesis and Dr. Mahadevan presents the labs work at the COBRA Conference.

04/2014: Nik defends his PhD thesis on dynamic metabolic engineering.

12/2013: Ahsan defends his PhD thesis on modeling metabolism of Dehalococcoides.

10/2013: Kayla presents the labs research at the CsChE conference in Nova scotia.

09/2013: Welcome to Megha, Shen, Masood and Taeho who are new graduate students in the lab.

12/2012:  Lab’s research on model-based metabolic engineering featured in the CsChE magazine (see link)

06/2011: Congratulations to Kai on his paper being accepted in Molecular Systems Biology, a Nature Group Journal.

06/2011: Nik Anesiadis presented his work in ESCAPE-21 conference in Porto Carras Greece.

05/2011: Dr. Mahadevan received Outstanding Lecturer Award from PNNL as a part of the Frontiers in Biological Sciences Lecture Series

05/2011: Cleo, Vik and Sarat presented posters at the regional OQBM conference. Congratulations to Vik who received a Honorable Mention for his oral presentation. Eugene, Kai, Victor and Jiao presented their results at the ASM conference in San Diego.

02/2011: Congrats to Laurence on his paper in Metabolic Engineering

01/2011: Jiao has his paper accepted in Biotechnology & Bioengineering and Kai has won a travel award to the Department of Energy’s SBR workshop

12/2010: Congratulations to Nadeera for a succesful completion of her MASc thesis and to Kai for his PhD qualification

10/2010: Kai presented his two papers at the AIChE Conference in Salt Lake City.

09/2010: Welcome to the new graduate students Eugene Ma, Patrick Hyland and Cleo Ho

08/2010: Contratulations to Ashan, Fahimeh, Kai for getting their papers published in PLoS Computational Biology, Biotechnology Journal and ISME Journal.

07/2010: Congratulations to Laurence Yang for being awarded the Best Presentation in his session at the American Control Conference in Baltimore and for being selected as the key note for DYCOPS conference in Leuven Belgium.

06/2010: Congratulations of Pratish Gawand who won the Biotechnology and Bioengineering Poster Award in Metabolic Engineering Conference in South Korea. Prof. Mahadevan was awarded the Jay Bailey Young Investigator Best Paper Award for the Dynamic Metabolic Engineering Paper by Anesiadis, Cluett & Mahadevan.

01/2010: Welcome to Reza Raoufi new PDF in Control Systems

09/2009: Welcome to the new graduate students Nicholas Bourdakos, Tahmineh Khazei, Peter Li, Aditya Pandit, and Sarat Chandra

06/2009: Congratulations to Srinath and Kai who finished their MASc Defense and welcome to Victor Balderas, PDF

01/2009: Congratulations to Srinath and Bahareh ! Their papers are accepted in Microbial Biotechnology and BMC Systems Biology respectively

10/2008: Group’s research is featured in “The Star” newspaper. Article (PDF) The Star Article HTML Link

09/2008: Pratish and Nadeera join the group

06/2008: Congratulations to Nikoloas as his Paper is accepted in Metabolic Engineering

01/2008: Congratulations to Laurence for successful MASc Thesis defense

11/2007: Laurence’s paper on “Optimal Capacity Constraints Identifier” is accepted for publication in Computers and Chemical Engineering. Congratulations to Laurence!

10/2007: Nikoloas Anesiadis successfully defended his Master’s Thesis on Dynamic Metabolic Engineering. Congrats to Nik !

10/2007: Laurence and Kai present their work at the International Conference on Systems Biology in Long Beach, CA.

07/2007: Laurence presents his work at the Biochemical Engineering Conference in Quebec City.

05/2007: Kai and Prof. Mahadevan present their posters at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Microbiology in Toronto.

05/2007: Nik’s abstract is invited for an oral presentation at the Integrating Metabolism with Genomics Conference in Montreal.