Principal Investigator

Radhakrishnan Mahadevan

Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Wallberg building, Room # 326
University of Toronto
Toronto ON M5S 3E5

B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Postdoctoral Researchers

Research Associates


Graduate Students


A. Vikram Pandit

PhD Candidate

B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
M.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto




Kevin Correia

PhD Student

B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo

Shyam Srinivasan

PhD Student

B. Tech. Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India
MSc. Chemical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan

I use kinetic models to study the dynamics of metabolic and transcriptional regulatory networks in bacteria with particular attention to how we can use mathematical models to study the ability of these networks to exhibit bistability, and how this impacts the use of the microorganisms as cell factories for the production of various chemicals.

IMG_21672Naveen Venayak

PhD Candidate

B.Sc. (Honours) Biochemistry, University of Ottawa (Biotechnology)
B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa (Biotechnology)

I am working on characterization and development of new synthetic biology tools to improve our ability to dynamically control gene expression. This is important in the metabolic engineering workflow, as it has the potential to improve important bioprocess metrics in fermentation, such as yield, titer and productivity.

Kayla Nemr

PhD Candidate

B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa
B.Sc. (Honours) Biochemistry, University of Ottawa

Metabolic engineering of E. coli for bulk chemical production from renewable resources.

Taeho Kim

Christian picture website

Christian Euler

PhD Candidate

HBSc, B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa

Engineering dynamic, protein-level control of metabolism. Investigating the engineering of protein systems in the context of metabolic networks for robust control of flux.

Masood Khaksar

PhD Candidate

M.A.Sc in Process Simulation and Control (University of Montreal)

Human Metabolism, Personalized Medicine, Pharmacokinetic Modelling


Kaushik Raj

PhD Candidate

B.E.(Hons.) Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani, India

Metabolic engineering of E. coli and S. cerevisiae for the production of chemicals

Undergraduate Students

  • Paul Zhu, U of T Chemical Engineering
  • Ekam Deal, U of T Chemical Engineering



  • Srinath Grag (PhD, 2017) Current:
  • Shen Guo (MASc, 2015) Current:
  • Chris Gowen (Post-Doc 2012-2015) Current: Cargill Inc. Minnesota
  • Megha Patel (MASc, 2015) Current:
  • Dr. Jeong Chan Joo (Post-Doc, 2015) Current: Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Daejeon, Korea
  • Dr. Victor E. Balderas-Hernandez  (PostDoc, 2011) Current: Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of S.L.P., Mexico
  • Dr. Reza Raoufi (PostDoc, 2011) Current: Standard & Poor’s
  • Dr. Jiao Zhao (PostDoc, 2014) Current:
  • Dr. Nikolaos Anesiadis (Ph.D., 2014) Current: Sanofi Pasteur
  • Nicholas Bourdakos (MASc, 2011) Current: LanzaTech
  • Cleo (Hanchen) Ho (MASc, 2014) Current: Intrexon
  • Dr. M. Asahnul Islam (Ph.D., 2013) Current: MIT, Greg Stephanopoulos lab
  • Nadeera Jayasinghe (MASc., 2011) Current:
  • Tahmineh Khazaei (MASc., 2012) Current:
  • Eugene Ma (MASc.,2013) Current:
  • Dr. Fahimeh Salimi (Ph.D. 2014) Current:
  • Peter Yan Li (MASc., 2011) Current:
  • Dr. Laurence Yang (Ph.D. and PostDoc, 2012) Current: UCSD
  • Dr. Kai Zhuang (Ph.D., 2012) Current: Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability
  • Gary Botes
  • Nicole Botes
  • Lan Li
  • Bahareh Sayyar
  • Karthik Srinivasan