Supporting instruments


AirSENCE (Air SENsor for Chemicals in the Environment) is a compact and affordable air monitoring device that gives real-time, 24×7 air quality information. It measures the following air pollutants: CO2, CO, NOx, O3, PM2.5 and PM10.

With unique sensor array architecture and circuitry, AirSENCE overcomes sensor drift and degradation to deliver performance comparable to conventional monitoring stations. The devices are coupled to online and mobile platforms to allow a flexible access to the data. They can be used to assess population exposure and health effects caused by ambient air pollution. AirSENCE has been developed by SOCAAR in collaboration with AUG Signals.

Manufacturer: AUG Signals
Location: WB facility (Field Measurement)

API 400A O3 Analyzer

The UV Absorption Ozone Analyzer is used for real-time measurements of low ranges of ozone in ambient air. It is a microprocessor-controlled analyzer that uses a system based on the Beer-Lambert law. Detection limits are in the ppbv range.

Manufacturer: API
Location: WB facility (Field Measurement); MAPLE

Teledyne 300 CO Analyzer

The carbon monoxide analyzer measures CO in the range of 0-100 ppb and/or 0-100 ppm with a 10-second time resolution. Using the Beer-Lambert law, this instrument determines the difference in absorption of infrared energy by ambient air and a reference gas to determine the concentration of CO.

Manufacturer: Teledyne API
Location: WB facility (Field Measurement); MAPLE

Thermo 410i CO2 analyzer Chemiluminescent NO/NO2 /NOX Analyzer – Thermo 42i

The Chemiluminescent NO/NO2 /NOX Analyzer is capable of providing real-time measurements either of NO, NO2, or NOx concentration on a ppbv basis. The instrument operates using chemiluminescence detection and microprocessor technology.

Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific
Location: WB facility (Field Measurement); MAPLE

Recordum AirPointer for O3, NOx, PM

AirPointer is a multi-gas and particle monitoring platform that can measure a wide variety of pollutants (O3, NO, NO2, NOx, PM2.5).

Manufacturer: Recordum
Location: WB facility (Field Measurement)

TSI 3480 Electrospray Aerosol Generator

The 3480 electrospray produces high concentrations (~ 107 /cm-3) of monodispersed particles from 2 to 100 nm (uniform in size and shape).

Manufacturer: TSI Inc.
Location: WB facility (Field Measurement); MAPLE

MultiGas™ 2030-HSHigh Speed (5 Hz) FTIR Gas Analyzer

The MultiGas™ 2030 HS is a high speed, high resolution FTIR based gas analyzer designed to monitor automobile, diesel, locomotive, and catalyst combustion exhaust emissions at 5 measurements per second (5Hz).

The MultiGas™ 2030 HS gas analyzer is composed of a high speed 0.5 cm-1 process-hardened FTIR spectrometer. This FTIR spectrometer incorporates a patented 5.11 m high-optical-throughput 200 mL gas sampling cell capable of 100 L/m flow rate no backpressure or noise that would degrade the quantitative measurement. The analyzer generally incorporates a high sensitivity liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector that can maintain cryogenic temperatures for up to 12 hours on a single charge and up to 3-4 days with an additional 5L external dewar. The system is delivered complete with easy to use software and system diagnostics, calibration, installation and training.

Manufacturer: MKS Technology for Productivity
Location: Mechanical Building (120)

Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Q-Track is a portable instrument used to provide real-time measurements of indoor air quality parameters. The instrument is equipped with a data logger, and is capable of measuring CO2concentration, CO concentration, temperature, and humidity. The Q-track can calculate dew point, wet bulb temperature, and percent outside air.

Manufacturer: TSI Inc.
Location: WB facility (Field Measurement)

SO2 Fluorescent Analyzer – Thermo 43C SO2

The SO2 Fluorescent Analyzer measures the concentration of low level sulfur dioxide in real-time on a ppbv basis. This instrument relies of principles of UV fluorescence and uses microprocessor technology to determine either the average or instantaneous SO­2 concentration with the assistance of built-in data acquisition.

Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific
Location: WB facility (Field Measurement); MAPLE