Past Group Members

Here is a list of former members of the Evans Research Group and what they did after leaving the group. Collaborators and group members (past and current) can join our LinkedIn group.

Research Assistants (and what they did after leaving the group)

  • Xiaohong Yao: Professor at Ocean University of China
  • Robert Healy: Senior Environmental Officer at Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks

Post Docs (and what they did after leaving the group)

  • Sandy Owega: Teaching
  • Neeraj Rastogi: Reader, Physical Research Laboratory, India
  • Krystal Godri: Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Kelly M. Sabaliauskas: Health Research Specialist, City of Toronto
  • Azadeh Bagherzadeh-Namazi: works at Sanofi-Pasteur
  • Michelle North: Medical Science Liaison, Novartis

PhD Students (and what they did after leaving the group)

  • Fariborz Taghipour: Prof. of Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia
  • Phillip V. Tan: Product Development Manager, MassTech
  • T. Nugraha: Research Associate, University of Western Australia
  • Erik Kremer: Associate Engineer, Ontario Power Generation
  • Maygan L. McGuire: Policy Analyst, Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Umme S. Ahktar: Project Manager, University of Ottawa
  • Andrew J. Knox: Energy Specialist, CLEAResult
  • Naomi Zimmerman: PostDoc, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Natalia Mykhaylova: Founder of WeavAir
  • Patricia Sheridan: Teaching Stream Professor, University of Toronto

Master Students (and their research projects, since 2000)

  • Narayanan, A. “A Global Model of Iodine Behaviour in Reactor Containment”
  • Malpica, O. “Classification of Aerosol LAMS Mass Spectra using Adaptive Resonance Theory Based Neural Network (ART-2A)
  • Tsai, J  “Chemical Composition and Source Apportionment of Toronto Summertime Urban Fine Aerosol PM2.5
  • Gilmore, E. “The Chemistry and Transport of Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Sulphate in Toronto, Ontario ”
  • Khan, B. “Determining the Nature and Location of Emission Sources Contributing to Toronto Aerosols”
  • Font Palma, C. “Analysis of Particulate Matter using Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry “
  • Attia, S.  “The Formation of Organic Iodides form the Radiolytic Decomposition of Paint Solvents”
  • Dominguez Barrera, A.P. “Classification of Aerosol LAMS mass Spectra using Discriminant Analysis”
  • Buset, K.C. “Application of Advanced Receptor Modelling to Highly Time Resolved Aerosol Data”
  • Chang, R. Y.W.  “Aerosol- Cloud Condensation Nuclei Closure at a Semi-Rural Location” (Co-supervised by J. Abbatt)
  • Knox A.J  “The Effects of Mixing State on Black Carbon Light Absorption”
  • Godri, K. “Temporal Chemical Composition Fluctuations in the Gaseous and Particulate Phases of Urban Aerosols
  • D’Souza R. “Application of Multi-axis Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) to Canadian Rural and Urban Sites”
  • Kapetonovic  S. “Investigation of Sulfate Nanoparticulate Formation for a Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter on an Engine Fueled with Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and Biodiesel Blend”
  • Ketterer J “Effects of Biodiesel on the Properties of Diesel particulate Matter
  • Rehbein, P.J.G.  “The Characterization of Fine particulate Matter in Toronto Using Single Particle Mass Spectrometry”
  • Corbin J. “Development and Deployment of a continuous-Flow Diffusion Chamber for Field Measurement of Atmospheric Ice Nuclei”
  • Wan C.A. “Characteristics of Engine Emissions from Different Biodiesel Blends”
  •  Lee, C. “Satellite and in situ measurement of NO2
  • Jun Y. “Comparison of Nucleation and Growth at Paired Urban and Rural Locations”
  • Mendolia, D “MAX-DOAS Measurements of Nitrogen Dioxide and Aerosol”
  • Cooper J.  ”Measurement of engine emission toxicity”
  • Jung T “Design of a system to investigate engine emissions”
  • Malfara N. “Upgrading a Commercial Vehicle Model Using a Roadside Truck Survey: Application for the City of Edmonton”
  • Phillips-Smith C. “Source receptor relationships in the oil sands region”
  • Rais K. “ Emissions from bio-fueled diesel engines”
  • Huang A “Particulate Matter Oxidative Potential as an Additional Metric of Air Pollution Exposure”
  • MacDonald K. “The Chemical Composition of High Arctic Snow: Deposition Mechanisms and Sources”
  • Herod, K. “Analyzing and Optimizing an Array of Low-Cost Gas Sensors for use in an Air Quality Measurement Device with Machine Learning”
  • Traub, A. “Oxidative potential of particulate matter”
  • Movahhedinia, H. “Monitoring Chemical Contamination of Medical Air Using Low-Cost Sensors”
  • Xie, Y. “Metals in Particulate Matter and Deciduous Teeth”

Summer students