Analytical Infrastructure

Our lab includes a complete suite of instruments to monitor stable and radio isotopes:












GC/IRMS: Delta V Plus Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS), ConFlo IV, gas chromatograph (GC) Trace 1300, GC IsoLink, with preconcentration via Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) and Purge-and-Trap (P&T), for C, H, & N isotope analysis (CFI/ORF funding). These instruments can be used to track the natural abundance of stable isotopes in trace organic chemicals, e.g., in contaminated aquatic environments.


HPLC DAD RFDHPLC/DAD/RFD and Oxidizer: Thermo Fisher high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with Diode Array Detector (DAD) and a Raytest Ramona Star Radioactivity Flow Detector (RFD), and a R.J. Harvey Oxidizer with radioactivity traps (NSERC RTI funding). This can be used to track the radioactivity in radiolabelled chemicals, in parent molecules and degradation products, in all environmental compartments of lab experiments: soil, sediments, plants, and water.



Please contact Prof. Passeport if you are interested in using these instruments.

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