Surface waters and groundwater regularly receive all kinds of contaminants with the potential to threaten ecosystem and human health. Some of these chemicals are traditional industrial chemicals such as chlorinated solvents. Others are “emerging” organic contaminants for which limited information is available, such as pharmaceuticals, compounds in personal care products, and current use pesticides. Microplastics are also widely present in our environment and their effects on human and ecosystem health are still largely unknown.

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To protect water quality from adverse effects due to these  contaminants, the research of our group is driven by three main objectives:
(1) to track the behaviour of contaminants in aquatic systems;
(2) to develop and evaluate novel cost-effective water treatment technologies based on ecological engineering principles;
(3) to develop a new application for stable isotope techniques to organic contaminants in surface waters and groundwater.

This information is vital for the development of appropriate policies and engineering solutions for use, disposal, and sustainable removal of these chemicals.

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