Winter 2018: CHE112 Introduction to Physical Chemistry
Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry



Winter 2016: CIV541 Environmental Bioengineering
Dept. of Civil and Mineral Engineering

Winter 2015 – 2017: CHE210 Heat and Mass Transfer
Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

Winter 2017: CIV1399 Treatment Wetlands
Open to several departments.

Course description:
This course introduces the functioning and design of wetlands for water quality improvement. We will review the historical development of constructed wetlands from ecological engineering principles, the typical surface flow and subsurface flow wetlands, and the more recent unit process wetland design approach. We will cover treatment wetland hydrology, hydraulics, biogeochemical processes, and the role of vegetation. The course presents the fate of the main class of contaminants in treatment wetlands, including: suspended solids, biological oxygen demand, nitrogen species, phosphorus, metals and metalloids, trace organic chemicals such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products.

Students should have some background in environmental engineering, including inorganic and organic chemistry, hydrology, and water treatment processes. The course will be approximately half descriptive and half analytical.

Students are expected to read a book chapter and 1 to 3 selected scientific papers before class every week. Students will be evaluated based on class participation (20 %), an exam (40 %), a report (20 %), and an oral presentation (20 %). Please refer to syllabus for exact mark breakdown.

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